The Straight Shooter is the only live laser measuring system for motorcycles in the world. 

The Straight Shooter can efficiently assist a technician to locate the cause of the infamous high speed wobble, directional pulls, shakes and shimmies

The Straight Shooter is undeniably the most effective tool you can use to eliminate the guesswork when it comes to motorcycle suspension and frame alignment!

With the amount of power motorcycles have today it’s always a good idea to check the suspension as part of a service or maintenance program, or when new tires are installed. Once more horse power and torque are add to a motorcycle it accelerates the where and tear of suspension bushings, bushings and mounts. 

Any motorcycle shop can make a stock bike go faster, But a shop with the Straight Shooter will be able to make the bike handle better! 

A properly align motorcycle is essential for high speed riding or emergency evasive maneuvers, like cars turning in front of you, or animals crossing the road when your're at high speed or just trying to evade that pesky speeding ticket.

The Straight Shooter can be used stand alone or with The Rack.

The lasers measure for frame damage by attaching the supplied targets to the motorcycle, concentrating on the steering head (neck of the frame) so you can measure the centerline of the frame, you can actually see the laser dots travel on the centerline, left and right side of the motorcycle from front to rear.

Become the go to shop for suspension and handling, and lead the industry with the Straight Shooter from Rack and Pull Industries!